“Great Customer Service and paperwork with shipments is perfect for our quality records.”
From Buyer at Aero Precision Engineering Inc.

“Serra has always been one of my favorite suppliers, I have always received excellent service and your product quality speaks for itself.”
From Buyer at Parker Hannifin Corporation

“Serra Manufacturing’s delivery and quality is the closest to perfection of any of my suppliers… We have been doing business with them since we began in 1980 and they rarely have rejections and always on time delivery. If there is ever an issue it is handled quickly”
From Sr. Buyer at Tamshell Corporation

“If all my suppliers where like Serra my days would be great. Serra keeps their deliveries on time. Serra is one supplier that I don’t worry about if a part will arrive on the agreed upon date. Due to all that Serra does, I don’t hesitate to try and supply you with new business when things that I think you can manufacture I send those quotes to you because you are an awesome supplier.”
Buyer at UTC Aerospace Systems

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